Fall Fashion Trends for 2017

We believe that confidence not only comes from the inside out, but that confidence is also a reflection of how we dress.  We remember when dressing up to fly on a plane was a requirement. While the times have changed and we certainly don’t hate that, we also are a little nostalgic towards the days of expressing oneself through individual style.  We strive to bring cool classic styles to kids as well as delivering the latest trends hitting the fashion industry, and here’s what we’ve found for some Fall fashion trends for 2017.


This year, the plaid on the runway ranged from bright colors to subtle shades reminiscent of the 70’s.  Not to date ourselves, but we remember that era and will always be fond of some break-out designs that circle back around every decade or so.

Mid-length Skirts

Mid length skirts are in, and we love it!  Designers like Victoria Beckham, Christian Dior, Lanvin, and Carolina Herrera are all lending their talents to designing feminine skirts below the knee.  Mini-skirts will always be in, but we’re thrilled to see below the knee skirts hitting the runway for Fall.


The “cord” or “wale” is the distinct pattern in corduroy fabric.  Over the decades we’ve seen the trend in the width of the “cord” vary, and this season seems to embrace all “cord” sizes.  It’s a durable fabric perfect for kids wear.

Strings or Fringe

Designers like Sonia Rykiel, Gucci, and Acne Studios are adding elements of strings or fringe to their fall collection giving personality and added texture to their collection. These design details can take a simple shirt and make it something special.

Colors- Blu-ish Grays and Eggplant

For kids, we see that shades of blue and gray are definitely trending this Fall.  Since we’re all about gender-neutral tones, we love this!  For a pop of color, eggplant is trending.  We adore this color since it looks incredible on both boys and girls.

Other trends for Fall 2017 include retro hats, leisure suits, velvet, nylon coats, glittery apparel, and so much more.  We love getting inspiration from all these new Fall 2017 trends and are happy to announce we’ll be providing much of these trends in our upcoming COOL KIDS STYLE CLUB boxes.  And why not, don’t kids deserve to look just as cool as their parents?  We certainly think so!