Kid & Coe, the Ultimate Family Vacation Destination

It’s no secret that taking a vacation with kids can be less than a stellar experience for the parents.  It seems parents always have to sacrifice their vacation needs to satisfy their kids, or the vacation destinations they choose don’t provide enough stimulation for the kids to allow parents to relax.  That’s where Kid & Coe solves all those problems, offering parents and kids the ultimate family vacation destinations.

Founder, Zoe Kingsbery Coe, began Kid & Coe out of her frustration traveling the world with her musician husband and kids in tow.  She realized that there seemed to be a lack of family necessities and comforts and found herself researching accommodations that would satisfy everyone’s needs.  Her expertise in finding places that made her family feel at home, propelled her to launch her company.  

The site offers houses and apartments that are toddler or even baby friendly as well as boutique hotels that have activities for children.  These gorgeous hand-picked accommodations are scattered all over the globe.  There are 50 countries to suit any travelers bucket list- Indonesia, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Bahamas, Iceland, Croatia, Vietnam, United States and so much more.  Whether you’re looking for a cozy home with children’s books, toys, and a safe backyard or a luxe hotel beachside, this site does not disappoint.

Each space is intensely vetted and must meet a certain style and criteria to list, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.  The homes for rent on their site are simply stunning, reminiscent of vacation days before children.  Also, the website allows you to click on every conceivable amenity that a family might need like changing table, baby monitor, pool gate, toys, children’s books, etc., giving both parents and children a sense of security and comfort sleeping in a foreign space.  The boutique hotels featured on the site are striking and offer a range of activities and perks for families.  The only frustrating part about Kid & Coe is that you will have a difficult time narrowing your final destination because there are just too many spectacular choices!  So whether you’re traveling with your family in the United States or wish to go someplace adventurous, we give Kid & Coe the biggest thumbs up ever!