Redefine Wall Art

Sometimes a space you’ve lived in for a while can seem dull and uninspired.  It’s only natural that our tastes change or that we loose the love we once had for that color on the wall.  But figuring out a cost effective way to re-imagine an old space can be frustrating to say the least.  Sure you could spend lots of money buying artwork to try and refresh your room, but how much will all that cost?  And if you try and go the inexpensive route, buying posters on the Internet with Ikea frames, will your space really look elevated or just a desperate attempt to do something new?  So why not try an out-of-the-box, cheap, and whole new way to redefine wall art by using stencils.

There are so many cool stencils out there, but we’ve discovered that Etsy has some of the most interesting patterns and are very affordable.  A repeat pattern stencil may initially seem boring, but it really depends on the colors you choose and the additional pattern you create using your stencil.  Most come in a rectangle shape, but that doesn’t mean you have to paint a box type pattern.

For this project, a white cornered area was used as the backdrop.  A quick pattern was sketched on a piece of paper for reference, and an ombre color palette with shades of grey was selected to give it depth and more of an “artwork” type of feel.

By creating a unique pattern in the corner, the stenciled art seems 3 dimensional.   It draws your eye no matter what area of the room you are sitting, and it creates an eclectic reading nook.  For under $100, this stenciled art took this lackluster space to a whole new level and is undoubtedly a topic of conversation for would be guests.