About Us

Cool Kids Style Club FoundersAs a company of parents ourselves, we were frustrated by what we saw in kid's clothing stores.  The gender bias color choices left us with shades of pink and purple for girls and bright primary colors for boys.  Not only were the colors frustrating but so many styles left us disappointed!  Why were we being forced to buy clothes for our children that we ourselves would never be caught dead in?  Don't our kids deserve to have a sense of style?  Fashion has and will always continue to be an important part of our adult pride.  We wanted our children to have that sense of pride as well, which is why we created Cool Kids Style Club.

Our mission is simple- we want your kids to feel good in what they're wearing. This is why we search hard to curate and bring you the freshest modern clothes around.  Our brands are both boutique and unique.  The quality and styles are reminiscent of our parents’ generation when dressing kids in stylish threads was the norm before mass commercialism.  There is so much crap out there for kids, and we want to separate ourselves from that.  Your child won't look like all the other kids because we bring you the coolest looks, giving your child a sense of pride in what they're wearing while not sacrificing comfort.

We know parents are busy people, which is why we want to take the guesswork out of shopping and leave you more time to spend with your family.  Our monthly or seasonal box of modern clothing and accessories is delivered to your door so you don't have to think about replenishing your kid's closet.  You choose what you want to keep and send the rest back for free. It's just that simple!

We know you'll love our looks and look forward to having
your kid be a part of the "cool kids style" community.


Cool Kids Style Club Shea Curry Jason BriggsThe Founders

With over 20 years in the fashion and accessory world, it was only natural that Jason Briggs and Shea Curry would launch Cool Kids Style Club after having their twin girls, Remy and Charly.  Jason has not only had his own brands in the past, but has also designed, developed, and manufactured private label for some of the biggest brands out there.  Shea is an actress turned jewelry designer, a reality contestant on Lifetime’s Project Accessory and mommy blogger.

Even though they lived in Los Angeles, they met at a PR event in New York City that was showcasing their respective brands.  They didn’t meet again until 4 months later when Shea needed some manufacturing advice, and the rest is history. They always knew they wanted to do something creative together, but it was a no brainer after struggling to find cool clothes for their girls.  When they would find something unique, they noticed other parents would stop and inquire where to find the items. With the lack of fashionable styles from major retailers coupled with the reality of busy parenting, they realized that there was a serious need to bring stylish threads with ease to other parents.