Rett Syndrome

We, at Cool Kids Style Club, believe it’s just as important to give, as it is to receive.  With that being said, we wish that we could give back to so many charities we are passionate about, but choosing to give back to ReverseRett is something very personal for us. As friends of parents with an incredibly strong daughter dealing with the daily struggles of living with Rett Syndrome, we felt compelled to help in any way we could.

Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder almost exclusively in girls caused by a random mutation in a gene called MECP2, and symptoms usually begin to appear in the toddler years.  This heartbreaking disorder causes many children to be unable to walk, speak, or use their hands.  It also causes anxiety, seizures, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal problems, and some require feeding tubes.  But unlike other devastating disorders, there is dramatic reversibility of symptoms in animal models.  RSRT is working vigorously to find a cure and is in the process of several different clinical trials.  But they need funds to further their clinical trails and continued research.

For every box purchased, we will donate a portion of the proceeds for continued research at ReverseRett.  But regardless of whether you become a CKSC subscriber, we encourage you to learn more about Rett Syndrome, and donate directly on their site.  Every little bit helps get them closer to finding a cure.